Energy Efficient Upgrades. High Bay Fluorescent retrofits, Outdoor large CFL's, motion-actuated area lighting.

Lighting Maintenance programs are individually designed to meet our client's different requirements.

New Lighting system designs and installation, including light controls, EMS and Building Automation.

Electrical Problems repair; We use Advanced Testing Instruments to rapidly locate the problem and minimize down time.

Electrical Equipment Installations. upgrades and rewires. Panels and Transformers. Relocation of existing equipment.

Temporary Power installations for Construction sites (GFCI). Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). Stand by generators.

Energy Usage Assessment. Cost reduction estimations. Lighting system upgrade designs. Implementation plans with budget guidelines.

Security Lighting surveys. Foot-candle measuring. Computer generated data with supporting images. Site diagram showing proposed upgrading fixtures.

Code compliance inspections. Risk assessment and corrections. Supervision of tenant-done improvements. Insurance claims supporting reports.